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Our Selling Strategy

“We Believe in You and Your Dreams”

Your Success is Our Success.

We never forget it – and we never take it for granted.

With over 26 years of experience as full-time Realtors, we love what we do, and strive to deliver excellence in service and results to each of our clients, one at a time, each and every day.

When you enlist us, you get our Executive Seller Services to sell your home and we take the responsibility seriously — we know what You want us to do — Get It Sold!

We will put our maximum effort and marketing resources into;

  • Getting Your property sold for the most money possible
  • Achieve the best results as fast as possible, so that You can keep your timetable
  • Design strategies to keep You in the strongest negotiation position possible
  • Make the process as stress-free and hassle-free as possible for You

Once you have made the decision to Sell Your House, we will show you why we are the best choice to help you Get It Sold in your timeframe.

Our Luxury Maui Marketing Plan will be customized to your situation and implemented in the best way to suit your needs.

Below is an outline of Our Qualifications, Style and Strategy:

  • Professionals – with an extensive background and successful track record in Real Estate
  • Unique and aggressive marketing approach that is second to none
  • Passion and Dedication for getting You the results that You deserve
  • Deep Knowledge of the luxury market in Wailea, Makena & South Kihei

Full Time Professional Service – We are available seven days a week. This is our full-time profession and Your Goals are our Top Priority.

Unlimited Direct Contact – 808-208-1385 for Dale and 808-208-0122 for Gigi. DaleRichardsonMaui(at)gmail(dotted)com and GigiOnMaui(at)gmail(dotted)com – We work for You and we are full time professionals, at your service.

Our Favorite Charities and Giving Back – Doing an excellent job and helping You to achieve success is our top priority, but it also allows us an opportunity to give back to our community and the world that we share. We are proud supporters of the following organizations;

Confidentiality and Discretion – We utilize any additional levels of confidentiality and discretion for our clients as needed, going beyond even our customary exacting standards. Your privacy is our priority. At all times and in every instance, any of our confidential communications with You will stay that way.

Easy Exit Listing Guarantee – Our goal is to provide unparalleled service and continually earn your trust by delivering the results that You deserve. We understand that situations can change and you don’t want to feel trapped by a contract to sell your home. If for any reason, your situation, circumstances, or future plans were to change, we will do everything in our power to first make it right for you – and if that is not possible, we will release from your listing agreement with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. That is Our Guarantee to You.

Pre-Listing Details:

Not Sure If You’re Ready to Sell? No Problem – Meeting with us will always be a no strings attached, no pressure and no obligation situation. We understand what a huge decision this can be concerning one of your most valuable assets. Even if selling is just a consideration for later, we will be happy to meet with you at any time to provide information and guidance to help you make the right decision for You. Whenever you are ready – we will be ready.

Preview and Consultation – We will tour the property with you so that we can know every feature and nuance of your property. We will then be ready to accompany each showing with potential buyers, having the ability to accurately describe the property and provide the most professional showings – emphasizing the details that make your home unique. Many of our clients are only part-time residents on Maui, so we can certainly take care of any details here for you to help facilitate your sale, or the preparation for it as well.

Professional Market Analysis Review – We will provide current Market Data along with the inside information that we learn each day in our day to day activities. We specialize in luxury homes in the Wailea, Makena and Kihei markets and we will keep you up to date with the latest information so that you can make the best decisions possible.

Correctly Pricing and Positioning Your Home – The precision pricing of your home and then positioning ourselves correctly in the marketplace is of utmost importance. During our consultation, we will provide you with up to the minute market data, showing you exactly where your competition in your area on the market currently stands on pricing and – more importantly – what the actual closing prices have been on the most comparable homes, which has the most significant impact on the value of your home. We will advise you on the best possible alternatives for pricing strategies – and then when you put us to work for you – we will vigorously pursue getting you the best price for your home.

Staging Opinion and Advice – Showing your home at its very best is of paramount importance. We will also assist and guide you as needed to make sure your home is always ready to show at its very best. We can also help you make decisions on de-clutter, re-arrange or de-personalize if needed. Our primary goal is to make a fantastic first impression when the first potential buyers arrive.

Complimentary Professional Home Staging Consultation – As an added value of our service to you, we will provide an initial complimentary consultation with an expert Professional Home Staging Consultant. We know that showing your home at its very best will help to maximize the benefits of the sale to you.Professional Photography, Videography/Virtual Tours and Aerial Photography – We will have your property documented in the highest quality possible and in every available format – for worldwide internet
imagery, printed publications, marketing brochures, mail out campaigns and use on our website, LuxuryMauiRealty.com, along with literally thousands of syndicated websites reaching potential buyers throughout the globe. Aerial Photography is performed primarily by drones which are governed by FAA rules, so the decision to deploy this asset is always based on practicality, as well as subject to local and community laws and restrictions.

Creative Custom Video Projects – As part of our marketing strategy, and with your permission, we may implement certain custom video projects for your listing that go beyond the usual property videos. We have a creative team for special properties and we would love the opportunity to do something much more than the average video for your home. Let’s discuss the possibilities in person at the initial home consultation.

Launching the Listing:

Installation of The Professional Yard Sign – The professional yard sign is still one of the best methods for getting the word out about the opportunity to purchase your property. Our direct number will be provided for showings and for potential buyers to receive additional information directly from us. We will provide a professional and appropriate sign to display this information.

Multiple Listing Service – The MLS is another key ingredient and vital component in providing your property the maximum exposure. There may be an occasional situation that calls for a brief period of “select” exposure before launching on the MLS, but the MLS is still the springboard that will put your property in front of the most buyers in the quickest and most efficient way possible. We will use the maximum allowable number of top-notch professional photographs and an impressively written description of your property’s most memorable features, in order to create an unforgettable image designed to attract qualified buyers. Syndicated Real Estate websites worldwide will then take this information directly to buyers in the number one way that most buyers today begin their home search – the Internet.Internet Marketing WorldWideWeb – We will make sure that your home receives maximum exposure to potential qualified buyers everywhere. Along with our top-rated LuxuryMauiRealty.com and HawaiiLife.com — hundreds of the top syndicated sites will receive your property information, photography, and videos. We continually invest in internet marketing just to make sure that your property is in the premium position to be noticed. We are active on Forbes Global Properties, LuxuryPortfolio.com, Leading Real Estate Companies of The World, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and countless others to ensure that your home will be properly presented to the buying public.

Social Media Exposure and Advertising – The wildly popular social media platforms of today are here to stay and we have multiple avenues available to add exposure of your home to potential buyers worldwide. We have targeted techniques that can create specific and effective advertising to lead the right potential buyers back to information about your home. The importance of this aspect in today’s marketplace is enormous and we will deploy these assets on your behalf as well.

Luxury Portfolio International, Forbes Global Properties, and Regents Member, Leading Real Estate Companies of The World – LuxuryRealEstate.com –These affiliations give us the ability to promote your property to many of the most affluent buyers in the world through our Global Network of Top Producing Real Estate Brokers and Agents via their detailed websites.

Hawaii Life – Wailea — We will present your home to our top producing colleagues within our office at The Shops At Wailea as well as our Realtor colleagues in our islandwide and statewide offices at our weekly sales meetings. Our company is a elite firm of top producing agents and we will have every agent on board to help bring us the right buyer for your home. We have 9 big screen TV’s at our office in The Shops At Wailea where your home will be promoted with our listings. We have an incredible number of Maui visitors walking by every day of the year with many stopping in to inquire about real estate and the possibilities of owning a home in paradise. This benefit for our Clients who are Selling their Maui properties cannot be overemphasized. It is one of our primary reasons for our affiliation with this elite company – because it gives our Clients a distinct advantage and a unique opportunity to be presented to these potential buyers in a face to face setting.

Professional Showing of Your Home – Our goal is always to present your home in the most professional way possible, highlighting the entirety of its features and the advantages of your specific location. One of us will be present for every showing to assure the utmost care and safety possible during the visit.

Quality Marketing Materials – We will provide superior marketing materials to all prospective buyers. We want to put quality marketing pieces in potential buyers hands that will keep your home foremost in their minds and consideration. Even after a long day of viewing homes, we want them to have something special to remember the features and highlights of your home.

Area Realtor Caravan – We will present your home to the areas top agents in the Realtors Association of Maui at the weekly caravan in the area of your home. We will describe the features of your home in detail to these agents for presentation to their active buyer clients. With your permission, we will coordinate a Brokers Open House after that initial announcement so the Realtors can see the new listing first hand, and even bring their buyers. We will get their opinions and share that feedback with you.

Broker Open Houses and Events – With your permission, we will coordinate Broker Open House events periodically to keep your home in the forefront of consideration for the other Realtors and their active buyers.

Public Open Houses – Another marketing tool in our arsenal is the public Open House, so we can coordinate these events if it fits with the overall strategy for the property. Gated Communities and occupied homes require careful consideration, so these events will only occur with your approval – and we will always make your privacy, safety, and security our paramount concern.

Communication is Key – We work for You – and we are working for the same goal. We are available to you at any time, but we will keep you updated after each show, provide buyer and agent feedback, and any other items that may require attention after each visit to the property. We will keep you posted on our marketing activities and the response to any advertisements or other details concerning your property.

Offers and Contract:

Offer and Purchase Contract Review – We will review with you all offers on the Purchase Contracts that will be submitted, along with explaining all of the intricate details, so that you understand your legal rights and obligations as laid out in our standard Purchase Contract sale agreement. If it is a multiple offer situation; this is an ideal situation for you as the Seller, but it calls for an even great level of skill, care and strategy to maximize your results. We will discuss every possibility in a case by case basis, no matter how the transaction unfolds.

Multiple Offers – As we said above – terrific! In the event of a multiple offer situation, we will provide guidance and advice on choices and strategies so you can take the greatest advantage of a robust market.

Emotional Protection Throughout the Transaction – Selling one of your largest assets has huge financial implications, but it can also be a very emotional time during the process. One of our most important roles in selling your property is to insulate you from the potential buyers and to help keep emotions on all sides under control. Both points can become a seller’s greatest potential obstacle when it comes to the negotiations. We will protect your interests by keeping you a comfortable distance from the buyers, allowing you the opportunity to make informed, carefully thought out decisions to help us maximize every aspect of the sale to you.

The Negotiation Process – With every offer that we receive, we will always explain your options and discuss potential strategies throughout the negotiation process to assist you in formulating a plan to achieve your sales goals; the highest possible price, the best and most efficient timing, the easiest transition and any other factors that are important to you. We will talk about it with you every step of the way because we want to get the job done right for you – the way You want it.

The Contract and All Paperwork – At your direction, we will prepare and complete any Counter Offers needed, on the industry accepted forms, in response to any Purchase Contract offer on your behalf.

Professional and Experienced Guidance – We will advise you throughout the process on potential negotiating strategies that may possibly work, as well as the pros and cons of each available tactic. Working together, we can come up with the best path to take for your negotiations.

Cooperating with Other Agents – We will coordinate and cooperate with any fellow agents, from our company or any other Realtor, who may bring you the best potential buyer for your property. We will work to facilitate the sale of the quickest response time possible and work to resolve negotiations as quickly as possible.

Finalizing the Contract Paperwork – Once we have come to satisfactory, acceptable terms with the buyer, we will make sure that all documents are fully executed and provided to all appropriate parties in the transaction.

Executed Contract to Closing:

Fully Executed Contract and Opening Escrow – We will coordinate the transfer of all fully executed purchase contract documents to the appropriate escrow officer to proceed with opening the escrow account. We will provide you with the contact information for every party at escrow to ensure open communications and a smooth escrow and title research process.

Inspections and Other Scheduling Details During Escrow – Throughout the escrow period, there will be multiple visits to the property, so we will take care of scheduling, coordinating the details and provide access for the buyers inspections, appraisals, buyer visits and walk through, termite inspections, survey, along with any other parties that may need access and be escorted through your property.

Your Obligations as Seller – We will create a timeline for activities, obligations, and events that are scheduled to occur as per the agreed purchase contract. We will be mindful and keep you on schedule to meet all of your obligations in the purchase contract including having all documents, disclosures, surveys, homeowner association documents, and information, and any other details completed and delivered to the buyer and escrow as needed in the agreed timeframes.

The Buyer Obligations – We will keep the buyer on their agreed timeline for details as per the purchase contract. We will ensure that they stay within their agreed timeframes for review of all documents provided during escrow, their inspection periods and financing obligations.

Financing or Cash – We will make sure that however the buyer may be proposing to finance the purchase of your property, that they follow the agreed timeframes for providing the proof of funds for the cash portion of the contract, whether it is a percentage or the entire amount, and then clearing any benchmarks and requirements for their loan application obligations if they are financing by way of a mortgage or combination of mortgages. We will also monitor the mortgage company’s progress, appraisals, and final loan commitments.

Communication Lines Always Open – Just like at any other time before, during and after a transaction with us as your representatives, we are fully committed to being available to you at any time. We will keep you up to the minute on any and all developments throughout the process so that you stay informed on progress or issues during the time leading to closing.

Overcoming Challenges and Obstacles – Our goal is for the process to go as smoothly as possible and for you to proceed to close in the easiest and most stress-free manner. We will always strive to advise and take the best course of action in every scenario. There are times when challenges arise and we will need to resolve issues that can develop in any real estate transaction from time to time. We will offer solutions oriented ideas to try and correct any potential issues that may arise during the process leading up to a successful sale of your property.

Closing and Recording in Hawaii – After the final details are attended to and all parties have signed their respective closing documents, then all funds transferred to Escrow, there is typically a two day period before actual “recording” which makes the sale official in our state. We will work to keep you and do everything in our power to keep all parties on track to perform in a timely manner to ensure closing stays on schedule.

Your Next Step – If you are purchasing another property with the proceeds from this closing, we can help coordinate the timing to get you where you want to go on time. If you are buying another property here on Maui, we would love the opportunity to help you find the perfect new home here and get the best deal. If you are planning to move elsewhere, we have top-ranked affiliates worldwide that can assist you where ever your destination leads you.

Transferring Possession, Keys and Access – We will help in any way by delivery of keys, gate openers as directed and also coordinate with escrow and the buyer’s agent to facilitate a smooth transition from you to the new owners.

Note About 1031 Exchanges – If this is an investment property and you would like to do a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange, we have contacts who are experts in this field and can help guide you through the details to complete.

Service After the Sale – Your business means everything to us. Delivering excellence in your real estate experience is at the core and the focus of our personal Mission Statement. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our service. We want you to call us whenever you need our services again. We also want you to be 100% satisfied so that you have the confidence to entrust us with your referrals of your friends and family.

Our commitment provide excellent service to You will not end at the closing – You can call us at any time.

We are here to serve You.