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“We Believe in You and Your Dreams”

This is it – the moment you have been waiting for –  finding your new Maui home to purchase!

Whether you already live here on Maui and are finding your next place – or this is “the big move” that you have been anticipating and planning to make Maui your new home – it is a most exciting time!

Maybe this is for the second home or vacation home that you have been dreaming of – Maybe it is a condo that you will use as a vacation rental whenever you are not here on Maui. Whatever the case may be, we have the experience and skill to guide you successfully through the process at every step of the way.

We will help you find the perfect Maui property to suit your needs, and then work hard to help you get the best deal possible for the purchase price. We will assist you at each point throughout the process, negotiate on your behalf, guide and counsel you through all of your options and the many choices along the way.

We have an excellent homes search set up for you to look through all of the available Maui listings here.

There are many details involved, so whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned home buyer with multiple purchases under your belt, we can offer professional expertise that can help you have the most satisfying results and achieve your real estate goals.

We have helped our clients through the purchase of hundreds of millions in successful transactions, selling homes and condos from $100,000 to over $10,000,000 with superior results. And we can help you too!

Give us a call! Let’s talk about your goals and your objectives with your purchase. We want to really “see the vision” of what it is that would be the ideal scenario for you.

If you are considering a purchase with a mortgage, we can refer you to the best Maui lenders who have a proven track record of success in the local market. Being pre-approved will help you to accurately gauge the right properties to target in your home search. It will also increase the effectiveness of your offer, help keep you in the strongest negotiating position and make the seller aware that your offer represents a viable opportunity for a successful sale.

We have an entire “team” of professional players to suggest as possibilities to assist you throughout the transaction as needed; including excellent local lenders who know the Maui market with all of its subtle nuances, top-notch home inspectors, the premier escrow companies and other professionals best qualified to assist you in your real estate purchase experience.

We have the expertise to help you shape your offer to take all of the factors beyond just price into consideration, to get the right timing and other terms that may affect you getting the best possible deal on the property of your choice.

We have access and information on everything listed and available, so we can coordinate visits to any properties that interest you. Not only that, but within the Maui luxury market, we are aware of additional potential opportunities for our buyer clients on homes that may not be currently on the open market or may be privately offered for a variety of reasons.

Whatever your perfect Maui dream home may be, we can help you find it and then help you make the best deal possible, because helping you achieve your goals is our first and only priority.

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