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seller/buyer/repeat client – West University, Texas –

I have worked with Dale for over 10 years. In that time, we sold our home with Dale (after the previous realtor failed – when two contracts on our home fell through – that should not have fallen through). We bought another home in an exclusive area we did not know well, but Dale did – he found our new home for us! We bought and sold two different 4-plex rental properties over the course of 10 years with him. Dale guided us on everything every step of the way – property staging, pricing, market comparisons, repairs, service personnel, timing, legal issues, all the paperwork with closing – and never, not once, missed a step. Dale kept US on track! (Thank God for that). Dale is a consummate professional: timely, knowledgeable, experienced, and an absolutely beautiful, fun, kind man we consider a lifelong friend!